Nonsurgical Face Lift

A Facelift helps a Person look Younger

A variety of reasons affect how a person looks –aging, genetics, a stressful lifestyle, and environmental factors all play a role. A facelift by Dr. Huo help a person revert back to the rejuvenated, younger, look they remember. They still look like themselves, just refreshed!
As a person ages, we lose the deep facial fat we associate with a youthful look. As a result of this facial fat loss, the skin and muscles of the face begin to sag. To make matters worse, the fat in the jowls and under the chin may increase as we age. With time, our faces go from being “heart-shaped” to “square”. In addition, skin loses elasticity as we age and is prone to showing signs of sun damage. Facial muscles sag and bone loss occurs. Without surgical correction, the passage of time gives us all an “aged” look.